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Thursday, August 11, 2005

That Fateful Night at Godric's Hollow

In a recent interview JK Rowling gave an extremely vague answer of "no comment" when asked if anyone else was present at Godric's Hollow the night Harry's parents were killed. So, does that mean someone was there or does she just want to get all her fans worked up? Well, taking into consideration that every 'no comment' from Rowling usually means something more important, let's assume someone was there. Message boards are plagued with the question of who was it? The problem with the ideas on who was there is that everyone is sticking to only one person having been there. It may be very well true that only one other person was there, but I believe that there is a bigger possibility that more than one person was there.

For the side of good, apparently a few people knew that Voldemort might try something, so why wouldn't some of the Potters' friends try to help (i.e. Sirius Black). I have a feeling that Sirius was, in fact, present that night as well as Wormtail, aka Peter Pettigrew. Sirius being there is due to the fact that he acted pretty quickly in going after Wormtail and then returning to the Hollow to try and take Harry, meeting Hagrid instead and lending his motorcycle. Wormtail would most likely have been there because how else was Voldemort's wand recovered for use in Goblet of Fire? And unless Snape was feigning ignorance about Wormtail working for Voldemort in Prisoner of Azkaban, it is quite possible that he might also have been there that night, but for whose side, good or evil? Don't forget that Snape is supposed to never have faltered in his support of the Dark Lord, but also was apparently (if my math is correct) already working for Dumbledore at Hogwarts when the Potters died. Snape assumptions aside, I strongly believe in my theory that Sirius and Pettigrew were both present that night and that there is a possibility that others might have been there as well.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Harry and Hermione...Siblings??!!

If it's not the theory that Harry and Hermione are going to end up together, it's the theory that they're related. But how could these two possibly be related when JK Rowling has constantly informed the reader that Harry's only relatives are the Dursleys? Well, though the theory is entirely too far fetched to be believable, there are many theorists out there who believe it and have taken the time to decipher each of the books looking for clues specific to this particular idea in order to validate it in some way.

Well if this theory were true, then first of all, the charm placed upon Harry would not work because Petunia would not be his last and only blood relative. They wouldn't be the 'only family he has left now' if he had Hermione as a sister. And it is known that the protection only works if he returns to his "home," the place where his mother's blood lies, at least once a year. If he had Lily's blood in Hermione, that would completely undermine the Protection Dumbledore invoked when he arranged it all.

Aside from the Protection, there is the fact that JK Rowling gave Hermione another family. Not to mention that Hermione's last name was originally supposed to be Puckle and she was supposed to have a sister. Some people argue that Hermione was adopted or 'placed' with the Grangers, but if this were true, there would be at least some hint that Harry has a relative somewhere and given that it has been said over and over again that his only relatives are the Dursleys, this theory is basically baseless. Again, I stress the fact that if someone knew that the Potters had a daughter would they have let these two siblings stay apart from one another, especially when the bond of love, blood and family is so important?

If the Potters were in danger of Voldemort's wrath, why would you separate the last two members of that family. The blood of Petunia and Lily Evans is supposed to be such a strong protection so why would Hermione be left out of the loop?

Friday, August 05, 2005

The Infamous R.A.B.

Ok, so there are obviously theories abound regarding who RAB is, how he knew about the Horcruxes, where the locket is now, who was with him and where is he now? Well one of those questions might already be answered; JK stated in the mugglenet HBP interview that careful readers would probably be able to figure out where the locket is. Speculation is that the locket is the one mentioned in Order of the Pheonix, the one the group found when they were cleaning out Grimmauld place, the one that no one could open. There is also speculation that RAB is in fact Regulus Black, Sirius's brother.

Now, so far there is nothing to contradict this, Regulus has two of the three initials, obviously lived in Grimmaul Place, was once a Death Eater, and there is a mysterious locket no one can open...This, to me, points to Black being the perpetrator and that mysterious locket being the home of one of the horcruxes. It's more believable with the fact that Rowling said we could probably already figure out where the locket really is. Now, there are so many people who believe this to be true, solely for the reason that they think it would be "too obvious" for something like this to transpire. Now these are also the same theorists who believe that if something is mentioned at minimum twice in the series, it definitely means something, absolutely positively. Go figure...

I usually don't believe most of the theories that are thrown out there, in actuality, I try to contradict them in some way, but this one just seems so true. Pretty much the only things we know about Regulus are that he's dead, he was Sirius's brother and left the Death Eaters because he got too far in and got scared (allegedly anyway, that's all Sirius's opinion, we don't know for sure that's what happened). So where does the theory go wrong? Well, for now, I can't see that it can...Until I hear a better theory than this, I think I'll go with it.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

An old theory all wrapped up...

Ok, let's talk about the overly discussed theory that Neville's mom was passing him secret messages through bubble gum wrappers. Now, first of all even if JK Rowling didn't put a stop to the theory, what mother would fake such a serious illness and practically abandon her child to live in a hospital?

With that out of the way, let's continue with deconstructing this obviously erroneous theory. Now, I've had my own wrong theories in the past, and probably have some wrong theories right now, but I just don't understand where the idea that Neville's mom is only faking insanity came from. First of all, I can understand that JK Rowling gives us plenty of reason to suspect that the littlest things can turn out to be big things, but the Neville/bubble gum wrapper theory just takes the cake. Would it really have been so wrong to think that Mrs. Longbottom was just trying to communicate via a tiny window in her addled brain? Even if JK didn't contradict the theory, what would the point have been for Alice Longbottom to pretend to be delusional? Her and her husband were famous aurors what good could possibly have come from that facade? How could they have been doing anything for the side of good by faking insanity?

JK Rowling is a great author in that she not only gets millions of people to pick up a book, but she makes you really think. The problem is, I think people are thinking a little too deeply into possible red herrings and theories, etc. I'm just glad that JK finally put this particular theory on the chopping block.

Harry/Hermione 'Shippers'

There have been so many people that have just been looking forward to Harry and Hermione getting together only to finally be proven wrong by JK Rowling. So why in the world are there still some people who refuse to admit it? In my opinion there never were really any clues hinting at a Harry/Hermione ship. Everything was definitely pointing to Ron and Hermione become a big romance in the series. I'm glad JK finally put the kabosh on that thoery because in all honesty, I just didn't see where they were coming with this theory. By 'they' I mean Harry/Hermione shippers.


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